Winch & Mooring Systems

LoadBar Solutions' systems for winches & mooring meet the industry’s rules and regulations for such installations.  We deliver systems for all applications from stand-alone tugger winches, to full-scale systems for Anchor Mooring. We implement control and monitoring for both local and central stations, including Emergency Release Systems.


LoadBar Solutions has supplied systems for winches and anchor mooring throughout the years.
The system range comprises:

  • Load and tension monitoring with display for individual winch
  • Multiple winch monitoring and control system, with both local and remote display
  • Off-shore rig/MODU's anchor mooring systems with local display and control in the winch house displaying tension, line out, and speed
  • Anchor mooring monitoring can also be implemented within a complete control system for the mooring winches
  • Local stations are linked to the central stations for display and monitoring, where full logging and historical data trending is available.

Winches, tugger winches etc. used for lifting appliances can be equipped with radio/telemetry display and control.

We supply the systems and equipment tailored to your needs; all systems will comply to the applicable standards for the installation site.

The LoadBar Solutions winch and mooring system applications: 

  • Safe operation of the winch and/or off-shore installation within the designed operating envelope
  • Winches used for lifting or support, tuggers, equipment positioning
  • Monitoring of anchor winches and mooring lines, chain, wire or combined 
  • Riser and Tendon Tension, spread and turret mooring for floating units
  • Chain stopper load monitoring
  • Tension measurement using in-line or clamp on sensors
  • Sensors and load cells for subsea installation

Benefits of LoadBar Solutions' systems: 

  • Can be supplied for new installations, as well as being suitable for retro-fit
  • The systems meet the requirements stated by Governmental bodies and classification societies
  • The design, engineering & fabrication is undertaken by experienced engineers, our goal is an optimized system
  • Suitable for Hazardous installation: EX zone I & II
  • Operation, service, and user-friendly functions are at the centre of our system
  • Installation, commissioning, and service personnel available
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