Load Measurement

LoadBar Solutions has for more than 30 years supplied the industry and markets with load cells and sensors for Load & Force Measurement. 


Our design and supply is based on well proven units, with a variety of types specific for tension, compression, shear, torque, etc.  If required, we are also able to customize the load cell to the application and installation.  Generally the load cell has a set measuring range with a breaking load (MBL) safety factor of minimum 4x the measuring range.  The load cell design is based on strain gauge technology. For our Load Measuring Pins, compensation for torque and bending moment is inherent in the design.

 The Load cells: 

  • Compressive load cells, several variants - load rating up to 1500 Tonne
  • Tensile load cells, load links, load shackles etc. - load rating up to 1200 Tonne
  • Load Measuring Pins, standard and customized - load rating up to 1500 Tonne
  • Compression/Tensile load cell - load rating up to 100 Tonne
  • Special design to your application, load beams, single shear, S-type, column, stud etc. 

The load cells are delivered with an appropriate signal output, with a variety of options: strain Gauge 4/6 wire, 4-20 mA 3- and 2-wire, 24 Vdc, 0-5/10 Vdc, frequency, RS485, Profibus/CANBus/HART etc. as well as ATEX IECEx certification.

The load cells are supplied with a detailed calibration certificate with traceability to national standards.

The load cells are supplied with material composite certificate with options for DIN 3.1 and 3.2, full traceability and with Sharpy V impact test.

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