Aqua Culture

LoadBar Solutions offers system automation for Aqua Culture and Fish Farm. The system is designed to monitor environmental conditions: tension monitoring of the anchoring lines, buoys, current, and any other applicable monitoring parameters. Our experience within the Marine and Off-shore markets for similar monitoring is directly transferable to the Fish Farming industry; instrumenting the installation and performing the anchor line status monitoring by use of subsea sensors.

The Aqua Culture and Fish Farming are significant industries and markets for LoadBar Solutions AS, implementing our products for the safekeeping of the mooring, and monitoring of the environmental conditions.

Our solutions include: 

  • Monitoring mooring conditions, mooring line tension
  • Measuring the tension in the various connecting lines to the buoys, net, and cross lines
  • Combining the tension measurement with environmental conditions, sea current and direction, swell and wave heights, wind speed and directions, etc.
  • Centralized logging and monitoring for real time data and historical information
  • The use of wireless technology, battery operated nodes and acquisition units


LoadBar Solutions offer the Customers a complete solution for the individual installation; the conditional parameters are monitored closely, data is logged and stored, and the system is equipped with alarm set points and variable limits.

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